It’s no man’s land in When Swallows Cry

Oh my goodness! That’s my initial reaction when I speak of the delivery of When Swallows Cry. Presented to a packed audience at The Market Theatre, Mike Van Graan managed to piece together a production that addresses the various components that have led to global migration crises.

Region, race, religion, prejudice, violence, privilege, power and all forms of injustice dominate our everyday existence and have resulted in a world where there’s an “us” and a “them”.

The play also touches on how we feel entitled and seek to protect what we deem ours.

When Swallows Cry is a 3-way play based in 3 locations (continents) where the characters played by exceptional actor, Warren Masemola, along with Mpho Osei – Tutu and Christiaan Schoombie who command the stage through journeys that will have the audience laugh and revisit the level of prejudice we often subject immigrates and refugees to.

We see how roles of privilege and status grant other people to move around the globe as they see fit while other individuals are simply classified based on nothing more than stereotypes,

It’s heartbreaking to see the degree of sacrifice and endurance the characters go through with hopes to attain a better life in a different place but end up falling victim to rules of perception.

The transformation of the set location and the actors’ accent changes are flawless.

The team manages to present a hard-hitting production that touches on what’s wrong with humans attitude towards each other because we have come to learned how to classify each other based on perception. I was reminded to be kind, to be tolerant.

“We are all foreigners somewhere”

The season ends on 05 February 2017, it’s right up there on the recommendation list!

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