Kasane: Hidden Gem Of Botswana

As a fashion blogger I get to travel a lot, but with these travels I never really get to explore these place and get so soak them in, so as I was planning my end of year Victoria Falls carnival trip I decided to add a few extra days in Kasane so I could explore it before I headed to the mighty Victoria Falls and I can say that is the best decision I could have made.


There are so many ways and simpler ways to get to Kasane, you can fly, you can drive but I decided to bus and hike my whole trip there, so people may say I am crazy but I felt like that was the best way to explore my country and get too see out country in a way we never really do, because to be frank a lot of us don’t really know our country that much and barely travel within it. So I got up 4 am on a Monday morning to begin my trip to Kasane then the Falls all I can say is it wasn’t easy, I got to the rank and managed to find the only bus that goes to Kasane from Maun and boy wasn’t it packed, I was crammed in the back seat of a minibus with 5 other people and my bags on top of me, and this was a 6 hour journey from Maun to Kasane but I decided to tough it out, this is Africa right. Midway into the trip we stopped in a little village called Nata for refreshments and a smoke for some of us, during the 10 minute stop I totally lost a track of time and got left by the minibus I was on, so right away I went into panic mode and the anxiety kicked in, people must have thought I was crazy, luckily I had my fanny pack with all my money passports and documents so after a calmed down I decided to hike to Kasane with hope of finding the bus Kasane it was just 30 minutes between me and the bus anyway so I had hope.


After 3 hours we finally arrived in Kasane and the amazing people who gave me a ride dropped me off straight at the Kasane bus rank as I had no idea where it was and they didn’t even make me pay even after I offered ( we need more people like them). I got off the car and thankfully the bus was right there, I made a few jokes with the crew and took my bags and went to the hotel Mowana Safari Lodge, which is the most amazing hotel right on the river bank of the Chobe River.


Kasane the town itself is not a particularly the most impressive place, that’s why I called it the hidden gem of Botswana but The town acts as the ‘Gateway to the Chobe National Park’, and the amazing Chobe river which separates Botswana from Namibia and as a crossroad for anyone heading to the Victoria Falls from Botswana.


Spread out along the banks of the Chobe River, Kasane has a number of hotels, guest houses and campsites that accommodate all the visitors to the national park. The town has a gallery, The African Easel Art Gallery, for you to enjoy during those midday hours outside of game-driving time and boat cruise times, as well as a few roadside traditional African craft stalls between the town but I just opted to chill by the deck have a few cocktails, I mean I deserved it after the day I had and enjoy the view and the sunset and boy want it amazing. After a few cocktails I realized I should go to bed before ones becomes too many and have a horrible hangover in the morning as I head to Victoria Falls, I wouldn’t have been that bad as it’s just an 80 km trip to the falls from Kasane.


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