TuesART: Five artworks by Vhils

Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto (1987) popularly known as Vhils, is one of the artists that you should familiarise yourself with.

Vhils uses a unique excavating process of chipping away at the wall to create striking portraits.

See five of Vhils work below:

Last project in Bangkok at the Wall of the Portuguese embassy. A piece to help make visible the invisible history of Bangkok, in a tribute to the people of this neighbourhood, this city, this ancient wall and the historic ties between Thailand and Portugal, with graphic and figurative elements that highlight what we share in common and brings us closer as human beings. //////// Parede da embaixada portuguesa em Bangkok. Uma obra para ajudar a tornar visível a história invisível de Bangkok, numa homenagem às pessoas do bairro, da cidade, e às relações históricas entre Portugal e a Tailândia, com elementos gráficos e figurativos que sublinham aquilo que nos é comum e nos aproxima enquanto seres humanos.#bangkok #banguecoque #thailand #portugal #vhils #pontes #history #layers #scratchingthesurface

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