The Path to Greatjoy: Greatjoy talks about his upcoming solo exhibition at MMARTHouse


In his biography the reader is introduced to Greatjoy’s early childhood memories, where he originates and his journey.

Born and educated in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Greatjoy attended Cyrene Boys High, an art school situated in Figtree Zimbabwe. His work engages predominantly with figuration, the act of movement and expression and exploring various imaginings of the human form.

His Solo exhibition titled, “The path to Greatjoy” will open this Thursday 26th of April at The Muzi Mavuso Art House (MMARTHouse) in Graighall, Johannesburg. On the same day, Greatjoy will also launch his Biography titled The Path to Greatjoy which was written by author Ntsikelelo Mzinbomvu.

“This is a collaboration between an author and a visual artist. The titling of The Path to Greatjoy came about me and Ntsikelelo collaborating to tell my story, my struggles and success. I wanted him to tell the story in terms of writing. We had to work together and come up with a personal touch from my side,” says Greatjoy.“The Path to Greatjoy is about my journey as an artist, from where I come from and the elevation to where I am now. It’s all about my visual art and the growth within the space.”

“The Whole idea about this collaboration is that I wanted to come up with a fresh perspective towards my whole exhibition, and also to give the audience a different experience around the space.”

When talking about his source of inspiration on this exhibition, Greatjoy says, “I wanted to embark on a journey and give people an insight to what I have been through and the whole ideal was being inclusive under one umbrella.”

His love of art started in primary school; conversely it wasn’t proficient but the love and passion that he had of the craft kept him dreaming and wanting to be more. Throughout the years he has grown as a visual artist. Through the process, he has discovered that his stronghold is between drawing and painting.

“When you see my art for the first time, the first impression that you get is freedom. Its free, there is lots of movement and there is emotions. Freedom is a catalyst to what I desire every day when I walk around the city.”

There are two pieces that Greatjoy has produced titled The Path to Greatjoy 1 and 2, which will be part of the exhibition. He describes them has two of his favorite pieces amongst other pieces that are going to be shown at the exhibition.

“Those are two of the biggest pierces in the show. There are lots of things that are happening in one piece. The composition is amazing; I wanted to extract something different to what you have been seeing before from my work,” he concludes.

The Path to Great Joy will run from the 26th April 2018 to the 26th of May 2018 at MMArtHouse. For more information email,


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