Jesse Suntele, not a “pretty boy”

His love of stories, being a good listener has prepared Jesse Suntele to become one of the intensifying stars in the entertainment industry. Jesse Suntele is an entertainer with a passion and a love for the arts and creative spaces.

“I love stories, listening to them, watching them, telling them, so acting was a no brainer for me because it gives me a platform that I can use to tell other people’s stories,” explained Suntele. “I first fell in love with acting on a high school stage, like most actors I think, doing plays. I didn’t think I was going to choose to do this as a career at the time, all I really knew was that really enjoyed what I was doing. I first labelled myself an official actor in terms of my career when I won Top Actor Africa.”



Jesse Suntele is also a presenter on BET‘s A-list.

His first big screen role was playing constable Tuelo on The Queen, a popular television drama on Mzansi Magic. Ever since he has tried to choose the most interesting stories possible and working with the best directors and writers in the business.

“I pick and choose my acting roles very carefully with an end goal in mind, for me as a person and for me as a brand. I like challenging roles because people always remember how you make them feel. So generally I try to stay away from “pretty boy” characters with no depth, unfortunately, I’ve been getting a lot of those kinds of offers,” said Suntele. “I have played a traditional musician, to a schizophrenic murderer addicted to drugs, to a serial killer. Loved all these characters because I chose them all for good reasons and they all challenged me.”


His upcoming projects include focusing on his music career. The actor is also an aspiring rapper who goes by the name of J-slow.

“I have one or two acting projects in the pipeline but they are still at inception, idea level so it’s going to be a long journey. Right now I’m putting a lot of effort and time into my music career,” said Suntele.

When talking about the creative industry in the country, the actor said, “this might sound cliché by now but we all know that we could do without the politics of the creative industry, things that determine who works and who doesn’t base on reasons outside of talent or skill or work ethic.”

Suntele said that he would like to be compared to the likes of Will Smith, Micheal B Jordan and Denzel Washington. His professional goal is to win different awards and use his success to influence to change the world.

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