Elephants, Warthogs, Kanzugula village, Victoria Falls Carnival I go

It’s the morning of the 29th December and I wake late, I’m sure the cocktails from last night are to blame.

In a panic, fresh from a night of drinking, I realize today is the first day of carnival. I have to be in Victoria Falls by the afternoon as my party train  leaves at 8pm.

Beside that I have to get to the camp to sort out my reservation, pitch my camp, take a shower and eat before the sun sets.

What is the problem you ask? I have not arranged transport to Victoria Falls. Keep in mind this is my first time using public transport to the falls.

I have no idea if there are busses going to the falls or I have to hike again, either way I have to get to my destination. In that moment, I decided to ask the guys at reception, how I can get there?

Am told to book one of their cars for 50 US dollar, first thought is ‘they mad’ that is about 600 pula for an 80 kilometer trip to Victoria Falls.

Like a trooper I picked up all my bags, struggle all the way to the road, looking like a ‘proper backpacker’ (PROUD MOMENT).

Luckily I get a taxi to Kanzugula village for 20 pula which is around the corner to the border about two kilometers if I am not wrong.

Vic Falls (6)

From the village I walked to the border which was quite a treat but a scary one, I saw elephants close up and ran into warthogs on my way to the Botswana border.

I was happy to get border to find the entire tourist trucks had already passed, which meant, I didn’t have to wait at the border for hours. Believe me during the Carnival time, one waits hours before passing the border.

I get my passport stamped and continued my walk to the Zimbabwe border. As I cross no man’s land I think to myself, there are no rules here, it is no man’s land after all, so I can do whatever I want right???

Apparently not, I can be prosecuted by both countries, guess the no man’s land thing is a lie after all.

I proceeded to get my passport stamped on the Zimbabwe side.

I am officially in Zimbabwe, then reality hit; I still have no way to get to Victoria Falls whoever after the journey I had, I was just happy to be in Zimbabwe.

I was 80 kilometers closer than I was 2 days when I left Maun about 650 kilometers away.

So I manage to find a cab right by the border which took me straight to Victoria Falls Rest Camp, home for the next 4 days. All I had to pay him was eight US dollar an equivalent of 80 Pula.

Vic Falls (4)

I get to reception I pay for my accommodation and head straight to find a perfect spot to camp. Blessed as I am, I find one next to a group of South Africans my age, who would end up being my Falls family for the next 4 days.

Now with new friends I set up camp, then straight I go to the pool bar for a well-deserved drink and smoke.

Vic Falls (5)

I was ready to take over Victoria Falls Carnival 2015.

Kgosi Jay Sethoko