#Decor : Pull A Chair

Comfort, meet Style. Style, meet Comfort. Chairs are not just pieces of furniture we sit on (or throw a pile of clothes on), they added character to the room.

With different fabrics, colours and shapes, chairs can easily become the standout pieces in the room.

Here some of a our favourite seats:


Wembley Occasional Chair from @Home

Price: R3,399.00


Camden Deluxe Occasional Chair from TakeALot

Price: R2,599.00

Emilia Carver from Superbalist

Price: R1,999.00

Retro Tub Chair from Upholstery & Decor

Price: R6,500.00


Retro Upholstered Dining Chair from Mr Price Home

Price: R1,600.00


Cornish Occasional Chair from Coricraft

Price: R4,995.00


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