#Decor : Light It Up

Lighting has always been an important feature in interior decorating, but now we’re seeing a pattern of innovative designs to accompany it. The rules of lighting design no longer start with a light bulb and end with a 60kg chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

You can go modern look, retro feel, industrial finish, the options are broad and exciting.

Here are some of our favourite lighting pieces you can add to your space:


Burnished Metal Angled Desk Lamps from Woolworths

Price: R899.00




Simple Triangle Pendant from Superbalist

Price: R299.00




Illumina Wooden Lamp from Zando

Price: R1,299.00




Modern Tripod Lamp from Woolworths                Spotlight Tripod Lamp from Mr Price Home

Price: R1,299.00                                                          Price: R1,600.00




Wired And Cement Lamp Set from Mr Price Home

Price: R399.99




Simple Wall Light from Superbalist

Price: R399.00




Jamie Wall Light from Superbalist:



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