‘Believe in the power that lies within yourself’

Article by Neo Kekana

Acknowledge and place value in the person you are, have grown into and are continuing to grow into.

The real prize is not what we have been able to achieve at the end of each point of success.

The greater prize is what we realize about ourselves and who we become in the process of our pursuits of success.

The greatest discovery of all is the discovery of the self, being okay with the self and embracing all of the self and the power that is within the self.

Learn to sit with the self in silence, have the extraordinary and empowering conversations with the self.

Determine where the value of the self lies, determine where the meaning of your life truly lies, discover the powers within the self, believe in the self.

Believe that you are, as you are, you are more than enough, believe in the extraordinary being that is you.

Believe in the extraordinary nature of the thoughts and visions coming from you.

Believe in the extraordinary life you wish to co-create for yourself.

Believe in a life dreamt before you ever dreamt, a life envisioned before you ever envisioned by a force far more powerful than yourself.

The force that qualifies you to do the most amazing things.

You yourself are the extraordinary creation and vision through which amazing things will be born, in everything you do.

Remember that you are amazing and through you, the extraordinary and the amazing will be fulfilled.

Nothing that has gone wrong, that can ever take away the power that is in you, other than yourself.

Stop downplaying yourself, stop diminishing yourself, you are powerful, an extraordinary being from which something extraordinary must be born.

Do right, believe in self and fulfil what must be fulfilled through you.


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