PUMA releases drop two of the SUPER PUMA pack and its fly

PUMA takes us back to the 70’s once again with the latest SUPER PUMA Collection. As a continuing story from the first drop in June, SUPER PUMA brings you back to the roots of old school hip-hop style. The collection’s designs are authentic to the time and styles of the aspiring scratch DJs and B-boys of the late 70’s in New York. The latest SUPER PUMA pack continues that OG look and feel in new colourways of Peacoat and Inca gold execution.

It’s impossible to talk about 70’s hip-hop culture, without bringing up the PUMA Suede and T7 Jacket. To bring back those iconic moments, PUMA releases fresh iterations of these well-loved classics. The collection includes two pairs of PUMA Suedes, each with plush materials and classic colours. What better way to rock them than with a matching T7 Jacket and Track Pants to really make you feel like you’ve entered a time warp. The stand-out piece of the collection is the Satin Bomber that is decked-out with premium details –  from the rich embroidery to the SUPER PUMA graphic on the back. SUPER PUMA Logo Tees and Tanks finish the look.

 Watch out for this collection hitting PUMA SELECT stores on 4th August 2017.


SUPER PUMA T7 Jacket R1 299, SUPER PUMA Shorts R799, SUPER PUMA Tank R699, SUPER PUMA Tank R699, SUPER PUMA Satin Bomber R2 499, SUPER PUMA Track Pants R1 299, SUPER PUMA Shorts R899, SUPER PUMA Tee R599, SUPER PUMA Tee R599, SUPER PUMA Track Pants R899 and SUPER PUMA Track Jacket R1 999.

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