The Path to Greatjoy: Greatjoy talks about his upcoming solo exhibition at MMARTHouse

  In his biography the reader is introduced to Greatjoy’s early childhood memories, where he originates and his journey. Born and educated in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Greatjoy attended Cyrene Boys High, an art school situated in Figtree Zimbabwe. His work engages predominantly with figuration, the act of movement and expression and exploring various imaginings of the human […]

The Root Of Nkabi

  “I just enjoy exploring different fields in creativity, for everything that I do I identify myself as an ambitious person. So I am an aspiring actor, an aspiring musician.” says Mthembu. Born and raised in Soweto, Bafana Mthembu has constantly longed for a platform to be” himself” and share his stories. Although at first, it […]

Jesse Suntele, not a “pretty boy”

His love of stories, being a good listener has prepared Jesse Suntele to become one of the intensifying stars in the entertainment industry. Jesse Suntele is an entertainer with a passion and a love for the arts and creative spaces. “I love stories, listening to them, watching them, telling them, so acting was a no […]